Marzyciele kontra realiści, rzecz o odpowiedzialności i nieodpowiedzialności w polskiej polityce pierwszej połowy XX wieku

  • Łukasz Zweiffel Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny w Krakowie


The aim of the article is the antinomy of responsible politics and irresponsible politics. Taking
into consideration the philosophical considerations determining the tasks of politics and the
contexts of individual responsibility for its actions (also political), a classification can be
made. The goal of politics, as per Hannah Arendt, is to protect social resources sustaining
life, as well as the productivity resulting from an open and free development of the society.
Responsible politics is, therefore, a rational politics, serving these goals, not taking actions
of a different nature. The examples of responsible and irresponsible politics can be found in
history. In Polish history, the example of a responsible politics can be found in the decisions of
the leaders of the Third Silesian Uprising, whereas the opposite is found in the foreign politics
on the eve of the II World War. Conducting the politics of strength, power politics, without the
proper instruments must be related with an irresponsible threatening the national existence.
Keywords: responsibility, irresponsibility, politics, realists, idealists, reform