Epistokracja jako antyutopia w zarządzaniu publicznym i jakie na nią remedium


  • Jacek Sroka Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny w Krakowie




Public management, sector politics and generally the entire public politics should not be
the spheres for utopian dreams. They are almost entirely pragmatic, detailed and often not
thrilling. They are the domain of practitioners and experts, who have a special influence on
the public decisions. The article considers especially these issues of co-decision making,
which are related to expert knowledge. It is undoubtedly needed, but its excess influence can
lead to instating a new kind of domination - one built on a scientifically or organizationally
certified expert knowledge. The epistocracy created this way is considered here as an antiutopia
in public management; the text includes the argumentation against it, and the remedy
to it is seen in co-decision making.
Key words: epistocracy, public management, deliberation